50 Killer Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You

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50 blog post ideas to inspire you

Many people will tell you that the hardest part of running a blog is simply coming up with blog post ideas.

It’s easy to fall into the rut of writing about the same topics, using the same format, time after time. This is a surefire way to become desperately bored with your blog – both you and your readers.

The good news is that sometimes all it takes to get over your blogger’s block is a little bit of inspiration.

I’ve put together this list of 50 blog post ideas you can use the next time you find yourself with nothing to write about. I’m sure there are plenty of ideas I’ve forgotten, so be sure to add them to the list by commenting below!

50 Killer Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You

1. Personal story. Your readers will love seeing you as a ‘real’ person, so don’t be afraid to share a humorous or inspirational anecdote from your life.

2. Customer profile. Institute a regular feature where you interview a customer or client, get their backstory, or discuss their struggles or challenges.

3. Employee profile. Interview an employee to put a face to your business.

4. Latest industry news. The next time there’s breaking news in your industry, write a brief post alerting your audience to it. Link to the news story within the post, and then send your newsletter subscribers and social media followers to your post.

5. Resource list. Compile a list of all the most valuable resources in your niche. This could be a list of online resources like websites, YouTube videos, tutorials, or blog posts, or offline resources like books.

6. Comparison post. Compare or contrast two products. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of each, and provide detailed specs for each.

7. Infographic. Have a designer create one for you, or simply grab someone else’s infographic and embed it on your blog. Discuss the graphic and give your thoughts on it.

e-reading infographic

8. Expert interview. Interview a leading expert in your industry.

9. Case study. Scour the web for case studies and use them to inspire your audience.

10. Controversy. Play devil’s advocate and take a controversial stand on a heated topic. Just be careful not to alienate your readers!

11. FAQ’s. Compile a list of questions you’re frequently asked by clients or customers and give a brief response for each. This is great to use as a reference document as well, as you can direct new customers or clients to the post.

FAQ blog post

FAQ blog post

12. Ask a question. Pose a question to your website visitors and then keep the discussion going by actively responding to post comments.

13. Book review. Give your opinion on a popular book. Share an overview of the book, topics covered, what readers can hope to learn from it, and where/how to buy.

14. Product review. Give your opinion on a product. Outline the pro’s and con’s, benefits and features, product specs, price and where/how to buy.

15. Testimonials. Have a happy customer or client share a testimony.

16. Debate. Team up with another blogger and share opposing views on a given topic. You can either publish both views in one post, or each share your thoughts on your respective blogs.

17. Poll or survey. Invite your readers to participate in a poll or survey. It’s easy to set up a survey using a free survey tool like Survey Monkey. You could even create a separate post to share the results.

18. List post. ‘Top 10 Ways to…’, ‘5 Best…’, ‘101 Tips for…’.

Top 10 Methods to Make Money Online

Top 10 blog post

19. Inspirational quote. Post an inspirational quote either as text or embedded into an image. This is great for accumulating social media shares and tweets.

20. Embed a relevant YouTube video. Grab a YouTube or Vimeo video and embed it into a post. Discuss the post and ask your readers what they think of it. You could also compile a ‘best of’ post of popular videos.

21. Give your perspective on someone else’s post. Respond to a popular or controversial post in your niche.

22. Tutorial. Create a ‘how to’ post with images or screenshots and step-by-step instructions for how to do something.

23. Beginner’s guide. Write a post outlining all the basics on a particular topic. This could explain how to get started doing something, or all the things one should know before starting.

Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics

Beginner's guide post

24. Cheat sheet. Create a reference sheet that readers can download or print.

25. Checklist. Create a list of items or steps that readers can download or print.

26. Run an experiment. This is a great way to produce link bait! Run an experiment your readers would be interested in and share it in a post. Be sure to include images or screenshots where relevant.

27. Guest post. If you just don’t have the time or energy to write a post, ask another blogger to contribute a guest post. Most people will be happy to do so in exchange for a link back to their site in their bio.

28. ‘The History of’. Give a brief history lesson on the origins of your business, product, or your industry in general.

29. Common Mistakes. Give a list of common mistakes people make in your industry, and offer more productive alternatives.

30. Collaborate. Invite other bloggers to contribute to a collaborative post by sharing their top tips on a given topic.

31. Contest. Hold a contest on your blog and ask entrants to enter by commenting on the blog post.

32. Post a comic or meme. Running a quick search on Google Images can produce some pretty hilarious results. Share your findings and wait for the traffic to roll in!

Work at home comic

33. Respond to a comment. Read through your blog comments and respond to a question asked by a reader. Alternatively, you could gather and share all the best comments on a given topic.

34. List of people to follow online. Create a list of the all the most influential people in your industry, and include links to their websites and social media profiles.

35. A day in the life of. Write about a typical day in your life, the life of your customer service manger, or even that of a customer. Giving your readers a glimpse into the inner-workings of your company is a great way to increase trust and relatability.

36. Most popular blog posts. Look through your analytics and compile a list of your most viewed, shared, or commented-on blog posts.

37. Best apps or tools. Share a list of the most useful apps or tools in your industry, giving a brief description of each.

38. Caption this photo. Post a photo and ask your readers to create a caption for it.

39. Best blog posts from around the web. Compile a list of the most popular or authoritative blog posts on a particular topic.

40. Trending topics. Either create a list of trending topics in your industry, or write a blog post with your thoughts and opinions on a single hot-button issue.

41. Podcast. If you just can’t bring yourself to sit down and write, consider recording your thoughts on a topic and posting it as an audio file on your blog.

42. Awards. Another great idea for link bait. Have your designer create a simple badge or seal, and award it the best blogs in your niche. For instance, write a post entitled, ‘Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers’, and then send a quick email to each of the winners along with the optional badge they can embed on their site.

australian achiever award logo

Create an award

43. ‘The Secret of…’ Share insider secrets, tips or techniques.

44. Keyword post. Take a look through your analytics and find out what people are searching for. It’s especially helpful to find out what your website visitors are plugging into your internal search box. Write a post targeting these keywords.

45. Compare two random things. This is a fun one, but it takes a little creativity. Compare and contrast a business idea or strategy to something in everyday life. For instance, ‘How Running a Home-Based Business is Like Playing Golf’ (good luck with that one!).

46. Product demo. Either shoot a quick video demonstrating your product, or include images or screenshots with step-by-step instructions.

47. Excerpt from a book. Include an particularly interesting or controversial expert from a book and share your thoughts on it.

49. Slideshare deck. Although this will tend to be more time-consuming, consider creating a Slideshare presentation and then structuring a blog post around it. Alternatively, you can grab someone else’s deck and embed it into a post.

slideshare deck

Slideshare deck

50. Tweet roundup. Take screenshots of tweets on a trending topic and  include them in a post. You can either include tweets from top influencers, or round up random tweets on a particular hashtag.

What am I forgetting? What are some other blog post ideas? Add your thoughts below!


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