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Facebook Fanpage

My Facebook Fanpage has been very successful for growing my business. Here is how I built it and how I've helped clients do the same.

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Facebook can be a gold mine for generating leads and growing your business.

However, many small business owners are finding themselves at a loss on how exactly to use Facebook to gain leads.

You may be one of them.

The key to growing your business with leads through Facebook is to realize that getting a “Like” is only the first step. To truly generate leads, you must embrace targeted engagement strategies. Engagement is where the work really begins.

However, when executed well, engagement strategies will produce a steady stream of leads for your business from your Facebook page.

Are you ready to dive into what it takes? 

Let’s get going with these 12 tips:

12 Facebook Fanpage Tips

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1. Create a cover photo with a call-to-action for your business page

Facebook Quick Sprout

You can use your cover photo for different things (see #9 below). One of them is a call to action like Quick Sprout does.

When your Facebook page is optimized well online, it can draw considerable traffic to your page. However, you must have an end goal in mind once you get people to your page.

Having a cover photo with a call-to-action is ideal because it provides a “warm welcome” and it encourages a reader to take action right away.

You can ask visitors to simply, “Like” your page to receive a free gift (e-book downloads or coupons are popular options).

Or you can ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter to receive tips, resources, or your upcoming promotions, on your cover page.

Either angle you chose, will allow you to gather visitors attention and information to build a relationship with them on a continual basis.

2. Ask open ended questions

Doing so is a classic direct marketing strategy, but it still works wonderfully for increasing engagement and generating leads on Facebook.

Fans and viewers tend to react very favorably to questions posed by brands. Use this insight to your advantage.

Ask questions gets to the heart of their needs. When people see that you care or have interests in their needs, they connect with you.

This connection often leads to them being receptive to your lead generation efforts.

3. Be an open book and answer your fans and readers questions

Facebook Fanpage Questions

I find that answering questions with honest answers always provides a great result. Pay it forward.

This turns the idea of the open-ended question on its head, primarily because you are reciprocating what you are asking of your fans and readers. However, answering questions shows that you are transparent and willing to offer candid answers when needed most.

This can yield your brand respect and pique the interest of your fans and readers. Once their interest is spiked, they will be more than ready to engage with your brand on a deeper level.

4. Share insightful news that your fans and readers can use

The safety zone on posting on Facebook for business is once or twice a day. Since the optimal level of posting is more limited than say, Twitter or Pinterest, it is imperative that what you do post goes a long way.

Write posts that will inform as well as entertain. People love to discover news they can use and how it applies to their lives.

If you craft a message on Facebook that articulates thought leadership and resourcefulness, then it becomes that much easier to turn the focus more on your brand (your features and benefits) when the time comes.

5. Include images in your posts

This appears to be obvious advice, but it can’t be re-iterated enough. Almost 98% of your fans and readers will come across your brand through their newsfeeds, not your page directly.

Therefore, the best way to intrigue viewers while they scroll through their feed is with images. People are visual and images convey your message very quickly.

Images can range from actual pictures to info-graphics. They allow you to be creative with your brand message.

When used well, they can draw in readers and fans, and compel them to interact more heavily with your brand.

6. Install custom apps to your business page

Facebook Fanpage YouTube

If you have something like videos you can embed them with a custom app on Facebook.

Facebook itself provides a host of apps that you can add to your page that are all designed to serve as lead generators for your page.

However, there are several companies that offer the same and can take engagement and lead generation to new levels.

Companies such as, Shortstack, Pagemodo, and Woobox, may just be what you need if you are in search of a strong lead generation campaign that is seamless, automated, and engaging.

Facebook business page apps can range from offering; contests, sweepstakes, newsletter sign-ups, members only sections, coupon offerings, and free gifts with Likes, just to name a few.

Apps are designed to spread your engagement and lead generation strategies even further. Basically to reach those that may not have otherwise discovered your brand through organic searching.

7. Use your cover page URL as a landing page

If you do decide to go the cover page route, put it to work for your brand as much as possible for brand discovery.

There are a number of ways that you can do such; embed the URL into banner ads on other online marketplaces such as Manta or LinkedIn, embed the URL into your company blog posts and guest blog posts, or use it as your website link for online business directories.

Growing your presence on Facebook for lead generation is often a numbers game. The more backlinks you can create pointing to your business Facebook page the better.

8. Set aside a reasonable budget and try sponsored post

The idea behind sponsored posts for lead generation is brand discovery. Sponsored posts can really pay off if you have more than 400 “Likes” on your business page. Facebook uses 400 as a benchmark of brand popularity, for their algorithm to thread posts into viewer’s newsfeeds.

Sponsored posts are very affordable at $6.99 each. You could craft 5-7 posts for sponsored posts each month and come under $50 for Facebook marketing using this strategy. At that price point it is worth exploring for lead generation purposes.

9. Pin your Facebook landing page on your Pinterest boards

Facebook Fanpage Image

I like to use an image that represents where I'm from and what I enjoy doing. It sets a mood for my business and it's great for posting on sites like Pinterest.

To go back to the ideas for using your Facebook cover page, also consider it your landing page. Pin your cover page onto your relevant Pinterest boards.

Make sure that you include a link in the comments section that will lead readers directly to your Facebook landing page.

Pinterest is by far the leading social network that generates leads because it is visually oriented. It is wise to use Pinterest in partnership with Facebook to truly maximize your brand’s reach.

Plus, Pinterest posts never vanish completely, unlike most online content. Unless, you literally remove them, your pins can be discovered by viewers for a long time to come because they are on a permanent board.

10. Create separate themed timelines

This will allow you to cater to specific target audiences. Segmenting your reach on Facebook could lead to a steady stream of followers interacting with your brand. When people feel that they are being catered to, they grow comfortable with the idea of being lead by your brand.

Use your Facebook Insights for analytics to discover more about the varying types of followers you have.

Look for what times of day they land on your page, where they live, and how often they interact with your page, to truly streamline your efforts.

11. Upload your videos

Videos are wonderful nuggets to add to your business page. People respond them very well in newsfeeds, especially if they are familiar with your brand.

Use videos to distinguish your brand’s voice. There is no shortage of videos found on Facebook, however, you want to make sure you share valuable content to really make a lasting impression. Make sure that you include a call-to-action either in the video itself (if it is a video you created) or in the post box to spur people to dive more into your brand. To truly take advantage of the power of video, before posting a video, include a friendly reminder to receive your company newsletter in a post. This way, lead generation will feel more organic to the viewer if they opt to visit your page after watching.

12. Cross promote “limited time” offers with another brand

If your business frequently partners up with complimentary service providers, take this promotion a step further. Create a campaign for only your Facebook fans that is for a limited time.

The idea is serves two purposes.

First, the cross promotion will get your brand in front of more people that may have never discovered your brand.

Two, a promotion increases your number of contacts and connections.

Make sure that in order to benefit from the promotion, viewers have to submit at least their email information.

This strategy plays well into lead generation efforts.


Overall, your quest to increase your lead generation success on Facebook can be obtained. It is just a matter of appealing to the interests of your target audience and being aware of when and how they interact with your brand. Trying these 12 tips on for size should suit your brand very well.

Keep us posted on your success as you try them out.

When you win, we all win.

What have you used to help you be successful with your Facebook fanpage?

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