Social Media Marketing Blog: 50 Tips Collected From The Top Blogs

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Social Media Marketing Blog

We've looked at the best social media blogs to find the best tips.

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It seems that in 2013, if your business is not dominating on social media, then it will easily get swept up in the tidal wave of competition.

While there seems to be a bevy of directions that your brand can go to build its online presence, the best way to gain guidance on what direction you should go, is to listen to the pros.

The pros are the champions of social media and often were the early adopters. The pros range from actual media sites like, Social Media Examiner, to powerhouse individual social media experts like, Heidi Cohen.

If you listen to these pros, then you are in good hands and will be ready to tackle your company’s social media campaigns with confidence.

To give you a leg up on the competition, we’ve gathered a list of 50 social media tips from the top blogs.

Social Media Marketing Blog Tips

1. Share exclusive content on your company Facebook and Twitter profiles to make your followers feel courted.

Jon Thomas, Social Media Today

2. Always aim to build loyalty through your social media networks. Even with those that have not purchased from you yet.

Eileen Bernardo, Social Mouths

3. Try Twitter Lead Generation cards to beef up your email subscriber list.

Jessica Lee, Click Z

4. Remember to claim your vanity URL on LinkedIn. For example, your name here).

Pamala Vaughan, Hubspot

5. Use Instragram to build your brand with brand centric images that sell your appeal to potential consumers.

Jamie Turner, Social Media Examiner

6. Establish your brand’s voice (literally) by using Vine for iPhone and Android.

Benna Combs, More Cabbage Media

7. For SEO purposes, don’t forget to use hashtags for your Google + posts too.

Scott Ayres, Post Planner

8. Engage your customer, not your product on Twitter.

Shea Bennett, Media Bistro.

9. Set-up Google Authorship and connect it to your business blog and/or website.

Brent Gleeson, Entrepreneur Magazine

10. Create a “Deal of the Day” account on Twitter for your brand.

Heidi Cohen, Heidi Cohen Inc

11. Use the app to engage more with the Twitter users that have recently interacted with your brand.

Ann Smarty, Small Biz Trends

12. Establish yourself as an industry leader by writing guest posts on news sites and blogs.

Krista Neher Inc.

13. The best time for businesses to post on Facebook is between 6:30 am to 8:30 am and the worst times are on Friday evenings and on weekends.

Danielle Cormier, Constant Contact

14. Tell inspirational stories across all of your social media networks. Become a story-teller that makes fans want to learn more about your brand.

Michelle Christie, Business2Community

15. Don’t become obsessed about getting more followers, become zealous about building a community instead.

Lisa Larkin, Huffington Post

16. Avoid self-promotion on your social networks. It often comes across as spammy and dis-interesting to your followers.

Anny Solway, Raven Tools

17. Create a content calendar for your business Facebook page.

Alex Hisaka, Social Media Examiner

18. Find niche social media networks within your industry.

Simon Vreeswijk, Stikky Media

19. Always think of LinkedIn as “the” social network for professionals.

Justin Fishaw, Digital Sherpa

20. Find where your customers are on social networks and “go deep” with them to present solutions to their problems/needs.

Amy Porterfield, Amy Porterfield Inc.

21. Include Calls-To-Actions in your Pinterest posts.

Melissa Taylor, Pinterest-Savvy

22. Don’t overlook being hyper local on your company social media networks for marketing purposes.

Louise Julig, Social Media Examiner

23. Use Foursquare to promote your local business for free.

Adam Wise, Thrive Hive Marketing

24. Don’t spread yourself too thin across social networks. Select two or even one, and work them to your advantage.

Melina Emerson, Succeed As Your Own Boss

25. Inspire a giving campaign of your company’s favorite charity on Pinterest.

Mitt Ray, Social Media Examiner

26. Social apps on Facebook are proven lead generators for business pages. Musts are newsletter, company blog, coupons/promotions, and product apps.

David McKellar, Contentlead

27. Research and then use the top 5 to 7 hashtags that relate to your business when using Instagram for marketing.

Kristen Marzonie, Ignite Social Media

28. Don’t be a robot and redundant with your company Twitter posts. People are only going to interact, re-tweet, and reach out to brands that show a human touch.

Shea Bennett, Media Bistro

29. Ask for testimonials for your website from your Twitter followers that have purchased your product or service in the past.

Kristi Hines, Kikolani Marketing

30. Create an on-going video series of your product launches or other “behind the scenes” content and post them on Vimeo, You Tube, your company website, and your company blog.

Danny Groner, Marketing Profs

31. Use Infographics on Pinterest and Facebook, to really ignite social sharing.

Lori Taylor, Social Caffeine

33. Use Google + Hangouts to connect with potential clients and customers.

Mark Traphagen, Windmill Marketing

33. Keep your blog and social media profile updated with recent company news and contact information.

Darren Rowse, Pro Blogger

34. Share the content of others on Twitter and Facebook that would be of use to your followers.

Kim Garst, Boom Social

35. Consistently but sparingly share your expertise across your social media platforms. Don’t come across as a “know it all” and not much else.

Wendi Moore, We Build Your Audience

36. Try YouTube live streaming for your next webinar, conference, or speaking engagement.

Jim Tobin, Ignite Social Media

37. Create a memorable but to the point bio for your company on Twitter.

Lisa Gulasy, Kuno Creative

38. Share breaking news and respond to current events with thoughtful commentary to strengthen your online voice and brand.

Gail Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine

39. To improve your company’s SEO, link your social media profiles from your business website homepage.

Eli Goodman, Search Engine Watch

40. Company’s that write between 25-30 word posts on Facebook, experience the highest “Like” percentage.

Jeff Bullas, Jeff Bullas Inc.

41. Remember to post comments on other businesses and fan pages on Facebook using your business profile. This encourages engagement with your brand.

Lauren Thomas, Digital Sherpa

42. Do not mix your personal social media commentary with your professional social media commentary.

Michael Armstrong, Strong Blogs

43. Use LinkedIn Forums of relevant groups to nurture your online influence.

Jenn Gray, Avenue Gray Marketing

44. Create a weekly Twitter Chat that will highlight your expertise and yield you more followers.

James Blute, James Blute Inc

45. Create an invitation only Facebook group of your top brand ambassadors and have promotions that are exclusive to them.

Pam Aungst, Social Media Today

46. Create an enticing landing page with a call-to-action for your company’s Facebook page.

Melissa Mackey, Beyond the Paid

47. Make sure your company is verified and has an embedded link on your Pinterest profile to further connect your overall online brand.

Samantha Noble, State of Search

48. Add your blog posts, thoughts, and relevant news, often on your Google + profile often to maximize influence and gain exposure via Google as a whole.

Adam Barber, Content Marketing Institute

49. Use your company blog to drive traffic to your social media profiles with HTML links.

Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe

50. Identify your ideal customer (from their demographics to their hobbies) and court them on the social network where they spend the most time.

Mackenzie Fogelson, MOZ Marketing


You’ve now got a mega list at your first tips of top-notch advice from the social media pros.

However, keep in mind that growing your social media presence and influence does not happen over night. It takes time and forethought.

Do not let creating a social media marketing plan intimidate or daunt you any longer.

Take this list and map out a plan of action and set some goals for your brand in order for it to launch into the social media stratosphere.


Do you have additional tips?

Please share with the other readers.

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