How to Use Social Media News to Grow Your Business

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Social Media News

You probably read social media news. Here are ways you can take that news and earn new customers.

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If you are in business, then more likely than not, you are reading social media news and are navigating the social media waters. Your mission is simple: use social media to establish your company as an industry leader that is in a tune with its core audience while cultivating new consumers. Bottom line, you are using social media to grow your business online.

However, the true work lies in what you must do to reach the level of business success online that you envision.

One aspect of online success is using social media news to position your company as a social media darling.

Social Media News: How to Leverage Its Power

Social Media News For Business

Your customers are looking for more than just social media news.

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Businesses that weave social media strategy into their overall business structure and operation are yielding impressive results.

A recent poll revealed that 77% of B2C businesses on Facebook and 65% of B2B businesses on LinkedIn have acquired a new customer or client by fully embracing those platforms.

There is no shortage of sites on the web strictly dedicated to providing the business community with insights into social media. From Mashable to Social Media Examiner to Social Media Today, social media is a buzz word in of itself, and if you are going to use it to bring cache to your brand, then you need to have a mindful eye on what leading sites suggest to take heed to. Take your commitment to social media a step further and truly put the information that these sites highlight to the metal.

Here are three ideas and projected outcomes to get you started.

Follow Social Media News: Test New Tools

Social Media is spawning new apps daily, and your business should not hesitate to take advantage of what they have to offer. Apps such as Pitch Engine allow you to take your PR efforts even further, and Reachli enables your company to share your brand message on Pinterest and across the web in a more streamlined format.

Try emerging apps and share that you are doing so with your followers across your other social networks.

By subscribing to the social media news sites listed above you can stay updated on what is happening and try things that could benefit your company.

The great thing about social media tools is you can try most out for low cost and low effort. Most are aimed to make social media easier to manage for businesses. Many also start in beta mode giving free access to users that are willing to provide early feedback.


Reachli is one tool you can test to better your social media standing.

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Expected Outcome: By putting new social media apps to the test and sharing your experience with those apps with your core audience, you position your brand as cutting edge. It shows the marketplace that your company is willing to take risks with new technologies within the social media landscape.

Hi-tech consumers are quickly becoming the norm. Companies that embrace these consumers with their own commitment to innovations in social media will reap the benefits of gaining and maintaining tech savvy consumers.

Generally, consumers that adapt early to new technology are high earners and have income to spend on various products and services.

Social Media News: Review and Provide Point of View

Scores of companies and Internet marketing experts strictly adhere to the belief that Facebook for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B is the Holy Grail of social media marketing for business. Basically, noting that if your business is not utilizing one of these juggernauts then your online marketing success rate will plateau fairly quickly.

However, maybe your business decided to make Google Plus its social media marketing tool of choice for the year while consciously choosing to not use Facebook or LinkedIn.

Share your experience with others through a blog or even with updates on Google Plus. Your followers will appreciate your openness and they can also take action for themselves based on your findings.

If your company is enjoying favorable results (or even non-favorable results) you can create some social media news or your own and create more expose you’re a wider audience for your company.

There are a number of ways your business could share this news:

  • Write a manifesto about it, and place it on your company blog
  • Include your story and point of view in your company e-newsletters
  • Host a webinar featuring the information about your positive experience and commitment to Google Plus

Include your social proof as to why Google Plus has worked in your favor for business. Share how many more followers or clients you’ve gained using Google Plus compared to the time you previously spent on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The more stats you can share the better. People love seeing stats because they’re easy to understand and they provide evidence for your claims.

Google Plus Social Media News

Google Plus is proving effective for growing a social following and improving search performance.

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Expected Outcome: Using this strategy will entice new followers to your brand who are already heavily involved in the Google Plus community. It will also serve as an alternative channel for communicating with your current followers.

Additionally, you’ll be making social media news as a company and providing useful point of view information to potential customers. Those that do things different get noticed.

Those that provide understanding and point of view are seen as leaders. It’s valuable to report the news, but it can be even more valuable to interpret the news for others.

Take in the social media news surrounding your industry, test things for yourself and share your results. It’s an additional value you can provide to your potential customers that others likely aren’t doing.

Where to Get Social Media News: Alltop

Along with the sites mentioned earlier in the article, Alltop is an online gem. If you know about it, then you are truly in the know with news on the web, and if your not, then you are totally missing out on timely news.

It provides an aggregate listing of top ranking blogs and news sites all in one place. All of the best news on the web for business and social media can be found on Alltop, primarily because the news is relevant and brought to site visitors in real time.

While the site is divided up into various topics, from health to culture, you can choose to find emerging stories on social media exclusively, through their search bar.

Their curated selection of social media news is bursting with insight and strategies that you can use to implement into your business model to grow your brand.

Alltop Social Media News

Alltop is a huge collection of feeds to social media news.

Image via: Social Media Examiner

Expected Outcome: Simply put, getting cozy with Alltop will keep you abreast of social media news and allow you to respond to the needs of the marketplace.

It’s a must-have resource if you want to take advantage of social media news.

Social Media News: Create Your Own by Conducting Polls Via Your Company Facebook Page

Maybe Facebook does rank best for social media marketing for your company, and if so, use their polls feature, to tap into the needs and interests of your followers.

There are a myriad of reasons to use polls with your followers. If you are launching a new product, poll them to see how often they would use it, or if you are in need of a new logo design, gather three or four professional designs and have your followers vote on the one they are attracted to the most.

You can also see what your customers have questions about in the industry. It’s a great source of content that you can turn into social media news. You can take the results of the polls and create case studies that will make social media news.

Polling allows people to be honest, because it costs them nothing to do so. Such honesty is what you want from your followers, it will allow you to either move forward or change the course of what you have next on your horizons as a business.

It is basically, Consumer Insights 101.

Facebook Polls Social Media News

Once you have a following on Facebook you can use it to gain insight, which you can use to create social media news of your own.

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Expected Outcome: Your fans, and often the friends of your fans, will be able to visualize what your goals for growth are for your company by using polls. Polls are super easy to set-up on your part, and super easy for followers to jump in to do.

Facebook can be an endless resource for lead generation and gathering consumer insights. By implementing polls into your marketing mix on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.) you signify to your audience that their needs and interests are priority number one for your brand.

The outcome should result in favorable brand ambassadorship from your followers and serve as a gateway to gaining new ones.

You don’t have to wait on the social media news. You can use your own stats and insights from a tool like Facebook Polls to make your own social media news.

Overall Social Media News Opportunity

Using social media news to grow your business must be viewed as a strategy. It involves integrating your existing social media networks into one social dashboard for operating your business.

The tools and resources to do so are there for the taking, you just have to decide which will work best into your brand values and appeal most to your target audience.

From there you can provide additional value through social media to earn new customers and create social media news or your own.

Today, every company is a media company whether they know it or not. It’s an opportunity for anyone willing to take it.

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